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Spray paint and metal rods on violins

Here is my "painted violin" for the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra!

**You can win this work of art in a raffle!**

Proceeds will support the RSO! (Read below)

Here are the official details (from the RSO):

"The Painted Violins Project is an art exhibit and raffle created by local artists from in and around Southwest Virginia and the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra.

String education is at the core of the Roanoke Symphony’s Educational Programming. Students in Roanoke and the surrounding communities have limited access to string education. While we have worked to take action in closing the gap between our community and string education, there is always more we can do.

The Painted Violins Project directly supports the initiatives of musical education at the RSO. Not only will this project engage community support and interest in string education, but it will also open the conversation to the importance of the arts in our community."

Go to to see the violins and buy a raffle ticket!!!

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