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Dan Kuehl - Artist in Roanoke

As a young child, I dreamed of becoming an artist. I didn't fully understand how artists made a living, but I knew that creating art made me happy and fulfilled.  When I went to college, I found myself surrounded by peers who were discovering their passions and envisioning their future careers. I was still uncertain about what kind of career in art I could pursue, but I knew that I had a rare opportunity to immerse myself in the art world. Whether I was in the painting studio, surrounded by the heady scents of linseed oil and mineral spirits, or in the sculpture workshop, surrounded by the sparks of grinding metal and the warmth of melting bronze casting wax, I felt truly in my element. I loved every moment I spent working on my art, because it didn't feel like work to me - it was an opportunity.

Now, I find myself getting closer to understanding the deeper reasons why we make art. There seems to be an answer out there, and the more I create, the closer I feel to uncovering it. But the more I understand about art, the harder it becomes to explain. In my own process, I do a lot of experimenting. I've realized that the worst thing that can happen when taking a chance is ruining my artwork - but that just means I have the chance to fix it or start something new. And through every mistake, I learn something new about the process.

I believe we are all artists in our own way. Art is personal and unique to each individual. I use color, lines, tools, and materials to express my inner thoughts and feelings, and others might use words or other channels.  When I'm in the zone, it's like watching myself work in third person, not knowing what will happen next. Sometimes, I even surprise myself with the results. Mistakes are also a great way to create layers and depth in my work.

I hope that you enjoy my portfolio, and I am always looking for new ways to exhibit and sell my work to those who appreciate it. If you have any ideas or connections that could help me, please don't hesitate to reach out. In this connected world, we never know who might be able to help.

Thank you for any support you've given me in the past or will give me in the future. It is an honor to share my art with you. Now, I challenge you to take five minutes to create some art of your own, in any way that you choose!

Dan Kuehl

Dan Kuehl

Roanoke, VA 24015

Insta:  @dekaydankuehl

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